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PCB Assembly

      Printed circuit board is a one of the new wonders in the modern production of the electronics parts.It is made of glass fabricated plastic with copper tracks that acts as a wire to which the components are attached.

        The components are to be properly placed into the board.The production requires holes to be drilled on to the board.PCB is soldered to create a stronger hold for the components.The PCB is one of the most convenient electronic boards to use today,It is still has advantages and disadvantages on the application.

Why printed circuit boards are more advantageous to use than the manually made bread boards.

Advantages of PCB's

1)All of the PCB components are fixed

       Printed circuit board has no complex wiring attached all over the board.Thus,is makes thr circuit boaard a simple electronic part to use. The board components are fixed and easy to identify,it makes the board easy to maintain.

2)Minimal concern on short circuits and wrong wirings

PCB is having a little chance of creating short circuits and this is designed using a computer.It has been checked for any errors before production.A PCB is having a minimal chance of short circuits and wrong wirings in its production since the copper tracks are embedded to the board.

3)No need for further inspection

      It has been designed and tested using computer applications,so no need for further inspection.

One need not worry about the broken circuits here.

4)Inexpensive to mass produced

   Creation of multiple circuit boards from one design is easy.It only needs to print the design and etch it in a copper board.Here it makes mass production cheaper than manually created boards.One can save the schematic design and can reproduce it anytime that the board is needed.

5)Perfect for making reproduction

Here one can create uniform printed circuit boards using the same schematic layout.It is a computer generated,so creating boards that are identical and effortless to make.

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